How can an urban planner help in the construction of your house?

The home is an important space for people and the family, however, sometimes its construction is taken lightly, without resorting to the appropriate professionals for it. Discover how an urban planner can help in the construction of your house.


It is a profession that is responsible for organizing and ordering the construction of buildings and spaces in cities, obeying certain rules.

This discipline considers the aesthetics of spaces, sociology, economics, politics, health, technology, design and the environment in general. In this way, the growth of cities can be ordered, improve infrastructure and obey regulations.

In this sense, an urban planner can help in the construction of your house, thanks to the fact that it is part of the city in general, classifying and qualifying the land where to build your home, so that it complies with all the principles established above.

In general, land classified and qualified by urban planning is divided into three:

  • Rustic or non-developable land, it is land that is intended for agricultural work, occupied by protected forests or that simply would not support the weight of a building, even those that do not meet the necessary conditions to be habitable.
  • Developable land, are all those lands or spaces intended for construction within a city, regardless of whether it is rural or urban.
    In other words, it is potentially habitable land on which you can build your home.
  • Urban land, these are spaces and land that are already part of the city itself and that are available to build on. This is immersed in the scheme of the general plans of the municipalities, which governs the work of an urban planner.

In this sense, soils are determined by a general or development approach and their characteristics and the way in which they can be transformed must be specified.

It is common for the available urban information to vary between municipalities, so it is necessary to consult a professional who is informed about said technical data, usually you can get them at the town halls of the towns where you want to build, at the architects’ associations, delegations of the provinces of the council, on the internet and more.

Finally, when it comes to building a home, you need to resort to land appraisal, a task that can be perfectly carried out by an urban planner with the necessary documentation to write a report.

Importance of urban planning in architecture and construction

Despite the fact that architecture is an independent area, it cannot stop operating considering urbanism, since it must contemplate aspects such as the environment where the building to be built will be inserted.

Since architecture is considered an art, it necessarily requires evaluating the aspects of construction and urbanism, since its construction must harmonize with the surrounding environment while remaining functional.

Every good architectural project requires urban planning studies beforehand, so that greater value is given to the buildings that will be built.

Urbanism, preceding architecture, is a fundamental area to care for and preserve the environment, integrate new elements into the city that favor its sustainability and can also be useful for the locality.

By working together architecture and urban planning, it is possible to generate cities that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also meet the requirements of quality and well-being for the lives of their inhabitants and the environment.

Each profession has its field of action and the knowledge acquired in preparing for these careers is essential for good job performance. In this sense, something as important as the construction of your house is not something that you can take lightly, it is preferable to have the support of a specialist in the field, who also provides you with viable alternatives to make the home of your dreams come true.